Lenders in Kansas City, Missouri and HELOC options

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Hello, I’m looking to purchase my first rental property/house hack in Kansas City, Missouri. I own my current home outright, and was hoping to find someone in the area that could offer some guidance in navigating the financing of deal, hopefully using a HELOC. Preferably someone who is an investor as well. Just not sure want banks to talk to about getting this type of financing, and wanted to find out more about what my options are and what I should be looking for with current interests rates.

Hey James. I’m a local investor here in the Kansas City area. If you haven’t made any progress yet with the HELOC get in contact with me. I know some local banks that would love to do businesses with you.

Hi James, We're out of state but used a lender that has offices in Kansas City and St. Louis. They allowed us to use our HELOC for down payments on several homes in KC. PM me for details if interested.

@James Johnston Sounds like a great plan!  I'm happy to help with referrals as you get started.  Everything from Realtors to help you find the deal to crews for the work.  I do have a great lender we put our rental properties with.  Shoot me an email if you want to be introduced and compare their products.