Investment Property Line of Credit

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Hello professionals!

I have a question i can't seem to find the answer for related to Lines of Credit.

My Situation:  I have a property that i purchased a few years ago that has appreciated in value significantly.  I own that property in cash and would like to take out a line of credit as i'm low on cash, because as all investors do, we invest our money and run out of working capital.

Location: Northern California

I currently have 6 financed properties, including my personal residence.

What i'm looking for: Can someone please direct me to a lender that will do a line of credit.  

Thanks for reading, appreciate your direction.


@Ray G. do you own that property in your personal name? If so, I would imagine most traditional lenders and banks will either give you a HELOC or a straight refinance. Have you spoken with any lenders? If they can't do LOC's, you may have to take it as a straight refinance.


Thanks for the response, i do own it in my personal name and a refinance is an option i've spoken with lenders about.  I am looking for a line of credit as i don't want to pay the monthly finance costs if i don't have to, the money would be a backup as i've exhausted my current funds.  I may use a small portion, but plan to leave the rest in case i need it.


@Ray G.   There are banks out there that will do them on investment properties but they're few and far between.  You'll also find that you'll be further limited because the few that do them usually have limits on how many financed properties you can have (usually somewhere around 4 is the limit). 

Since you're in Northern California, the one bank that I think should work for you is Union Bank. I got a HELOC through them a few years back and they were the only local bank that had no limit on the number of financed properties and would do a HELOC on an investment property.

Just FYI, HELOC's on investment properties are typically going to be at a lower LTV than on primary residences. With Union Bank, you'll probably be looking at 65% LTV.

Lastly, here's a list of questions you can ask when talking to lenders about HELOC's to make sure you get all the info you need: What You Need to Know When Shopping for a HELOC

Hi @Ray G. . I did some significant research on this a few months back, as I have identical scenario as you. 6 finanaced properties nd looking for LOC on investment properties.

Although, I just ended up refinancing my current HELOC on primary with USBank to tap into huge amount of appreciation during the 2-yrs since I originally opened the HELOC.

I believe the best option -locally- for investment property LOC was SAFE credit union. They went up to 70-75% LTV.