Texas Investment Mortgage Suggestions

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Hello All,

Anyone have any suggestions on investor friendly mortgages lenders, bankers, mortgage brokers in Texas?

I would like to start contacting them for information and prepare to purchase in the New Year.

Thanks in advance. 

I work with Sherry Patterson at Aspire Realty and she has directed me to not only some great mortgage brokers but also, title, contractors, attorney's, insurance agents, etc… She has a great network and I am sure can help you.

Try Terry Ray at Legacy Texas Bank or Scotty Lovett at Integrity Mortgage.  Todd Reynolds at Trinity Oaks Mortgage is another good one. 

Sorry I had a VA that is supposed to comment on posts when we have something to add to the conversation. He should have referred you to our lender. I am not sure what he was trying to say. Sorry about that! I recommend @Andrew Postell at Gateway mortgage. He is awesome and is the sponsor of our REI meetings so very knowledgeable on investment properties and an investor himself. Sorry for the confusion!

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@Brittney N. feel free to post any questions if you need.  Some people may have the same types of questions.  Also we have a pretty active Texas forum if you ever want to post there as well.  Here to help.  Thanks!