I wanted to hear from people who have taken the leap of faith. When I say leap of faith, I mean have quit a corporate job with steady dependable income for something that may not be as dependable. These questions are not specifically about quitting a corporate job to become a real estate investor, but perhaps a Realtor or a position in another facet of real estate that you're passionate about. Example, I started investing in real estate and along my knowledge journey I decided to get my real estate license. Now, I find that I am way more excited about that career than the one I went to school for (MS Chemistry). I hate waking up everyday for corporate but I jump out of bed to excited to work as a Realtor. I think a change is needed. My corporate job pays about $75k per yr with bonus of 5% (for full context). Salary can sometimes be the reason why people work a job that kill their soul slowly and that's why I share it.

The questions: 

1) What were you doing before you took the leap of faith?

2) What facet of real estate made you consider leaving corporate?

3) What kind of money were you making in your corporate role? (no one likes to talk about this but I think its a HUGE factor in the decision and I am the kind of person who will address the un-addressable). 

4) How did you know it was the right decision?

5) How long has it been since you left corporate, and do you think you made the right decision? 

6) If you could do something differently what would it be and why?

Thanks for sharing a little bit. I am at this crossroads and wanted to see how others have done this.