Austin, TX: Lenders Review

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I cannot recommend Joel Richardson at Prime Lending highly enough! I was able to get my mortgage fully funded in 17 calendar days. Will definitely use again. Joel works with flippers and investors regularly and has a very knowledgeable and effective team. 

Flip side of the coin, I would NEVER use Movement Mortgage again

I was repeatedly lied to, neglected, and in the end, assumed that I wouldn't review their (incorrect) work before signing.

They told me everything was smooth sailing (including calling me 48 hours before closing to confirm that I was good to close) up til 2 days before my closing at which point, it was revealed that no action had been taken on my loan. 

The appraiser that they sent out afterwards wasn't approved in their system; a charge they tried to bill me for.

They refused to update my contractor's bid to a lower loan amount. Their default answer was that any remaining funds would be deducted from the principal upon completion. As if I would ignore the fact that I was paying interest on unneeded funds until construction was finished. In effect, I would have paid over $675 in pure interest to them as a result.

I also asked to have the first 5 months of the mortgage payments wrapped into the loan so I wouldn't have to pay for anything during the construction timeline (and flip of the property). They said that would be fine, but only listed it for 3 months. These were all errors that I had to catch, day of closing.


Prime Lending is a champ!

Avoid Movement Mortgage like the plague.