Getting a first loan

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I'm planning on getting started on real estate

I'm a Veteran which means I have access to the VA Loan

Have a 750 credit score

About $15K in emergency fund

And pretty good weekly income.

I don’t have a long work history with my new job since it is my first job outside the military, I’m still going to save up at least 15K more in order to use it for rehab

Or some down payment if needed.

Main question is will banks be willing to lend to me even though I don’t have a long work history?

Been working for about 2 months in my new job an planning on staying, but really want to get started as soon as I have the 30k saved up

15 for reserves/ 15 for rehab (nothing to big just to get the ARV to a better number)... planning on buying below market value obviously.