Quickbridge Funding Scam or Legit?

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Has anyone had experience with a company called Quickbridge? I received a letter stating they have approved me for $500K small business loan.  I'm assuming this is a scam but wasn't able to find much on the internet about them.  They have a good rating with Trustpilot but I've been told companies have ways to creating false reviews to deceive the public because they know people will check sites like Truspilot.  Usually, when something is too good to be true, it usually is.  Thanks in advance!

for me personally the only one I would trust to make a small business loan is my local commercial banker or credit union.

even if they don't rip you off for advance fee's which is so common.. they never do end up funding.. 

business loans unless they are credit cards  are very tough to get.. if your getting a unsecured 500k business loan

means you have at least 1 million in liquid cash and or securities..