Mortgage with 1 year work history

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I'm looking for 1.6M mortgage. For that, I need to have my spouse's income counted on the top of my income to meet DTI.

The problem is she has only 1 year working history in US as a nurse.

Her situation is : She graduated nursing school in 2011, but not in US, and worked as nurse for 2011~2016, not in US. During 2016~2019, she moved to US but didn't work since she was in the process to get NY/CA RN license. She got those licenses on 2017/2018, then, She started working as RN in 2019.

Someone in this forum asked similar question below and see the comments from others saying, some lenders can count the years in the school.

But for my wife's case, there is a years of gap between her graduation/last job and the current job. Could somebody advise me if I still have a chance to count her income for this situation?

@Kyoungchoul Koa You will see different set of guidelines because this is jumbo loan. She has working history and full time working more than 6 month should be okay to count the income. You have to call different lenders to make sure they will count her income.