First Time Buyer Seeking Lender Recommendations

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Hello BiggerPockets community!

I'm currently in the process of getting pre-approvals as I'm getting ready to buy my first property and primary residence. I'm wanting to invest in a duplex or a single family home that has an ADU I can rent out.

I will be looking to buy in the next 6 months, but I wanted to figure out how much house I’m able to afford. I’ve already got a preapproval from Homebridge so far, but prefer to get preapproved by other lenders to have options.

I’m based in Milwaukie, OR, and I will be investing in my local market. If you have local lenders and national lenders you recommend, I would surely appreciate it!

Thank you and I’m looking forward to contributing to this community in any I can!

I won't be your realtor or in your area: so I won't. 

Interview 2 or 3 realtors : the good ones will have everything you need. Ie lenders, contractors, title reps, architects, escrow companies, and will walk you through the process. I don't understand going through here. What I can do is put you in contact with a realtor there from my network once you are ready for it. You should be talking to a realtor, your tax professional and a lender now if you plan to buy in 4 to 6 months. (Don't reinvent the wheel, don't go at it alone, and lean on the professionals bc that's why they will make money off of you (in other words, that's why you pay them).