Loan from Quontic Bank

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Has anyone ever worked with Quontic Bank for a mortgage?

I've been self-employed for the past year and my income has been good, but I don't have a history of income for previous years.

I spoke with a lender today and they're value as mortgage lenders is that they don't need income verification to write a loan. Only good credit score and down payment. I can afford a sizable down payment on a home and have a great credit score.

The reviews online are mostly negative with a few positive mixed in. Has anyone worked with this bank for a mortgage?

@Vincent Pollitto There's a couple of threads on them, maybe you could follow up with some of the original posters and ask them how the deal turned out? Worth a shot!  Also, you could do ask your real estate agent if they have any good lending contacts, you could probably get a non-conforming loan with a local bank.