From no knowledge to 8 properties a month!

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I just wanted to post on here as a story for all of you coming to this site trying to figure out what real estate investing is from the ground up. I started trying to learn how to invest in 2012 by reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad", and by visiting these forums. My first deal was the purchase of a Duplex which I got an FHA loan for and live in half while renting the other half. After a couple of months, lots of dumb questions, and lots of handshaking I was able to close my first pure investment deal (A "subject to" acquisition which I sold as a wrap).

I kept learning on here, kept reading the forums constantly, and kept researching everything I could online until I was to a point where it felt like my full time job was actually hindering investing progress. After tons of prayer I felt like it was time to quit and jump off the deep end. After about a month of stomach ulcers I took all the advice I found on here and went out looking for experienced investors that were local to me and just started picking their brains and bugging them enough until I was able to end up partnering with one of the more successful single family investors in the DFW area.

Since that point things have been growing and growing to where I'm now consistently adding 6-15 properties a month to my portfolio! I've since gotten my RMLO license and am processing seller financed buyers for all the major seller financing players in DFW and have transacted over 250 properties in this last year and a half!

All this to say, take advantage of the massive amounts of knowledge you can find on this forum. Don't be afraid to talk one on one with successful investors around you, and don't be afraid to get out there and take deals down! In an industry like this there's always an answer and there's always a way to grow. That being said, I'm happy to help with anyone's questions so never hesitate to ask.

@Grant Kemp SO AWESOME!!!! Man that's incredible! BiggerPockets is incredible isn't it?

Kudos my friend!

I hope to be in the same boat as you some day!

Fantastic progress, Grant! Are you buying your homes subject to?

@Grant Kemp - awesome! What kinds of properties are you going after?

Incredible! It's good to read these success stories when it looks impossible from my end.

about 95% of my properties are done sub 2, the rest are houses I buy with cash to fix and flip or houses that I wholesale.

My primary goal is obviously on the owner financing side, but I always love a good cash deal when they come up!

and @Patrick Jacques that's exactly why I posted. I know from being there that it can feel like people have advantages that you don't, which makes success seem unattainable, but the great thing about this industry is that it takes no degrees, no knowledge and no money to get started. You've just got to be willing to put in the long hours and work with investors around you to get things going. Even if you've got nothing else to offer, you'll have time to offer, and that time can be invaluable to one of your local investors who knows how to use it to make money for the both of you.

@Grant Kemp congrats on your success with a model that works! Have you ever considering moving into the Crowdfunding space? With the number of deals you are doing on a consistent basis, you likely would qualify for some of these accredited investor platforms out there.

yes actually our hard money lending company went public at the beginning of the year and we are actively looking for private investors now for lots of different acquisition models, whether it be HML or putting the cash in to buy cash and sell retail or owner financing etc etc...

Do you specialize in the crowd funding field?

Awesome story, @Grant Kemp ! Thanks for sharing it with us! This kind of story is super inspiring and I'd love to hear more!

Guys - Lets keep the thread to Grant's successes vs. converting it to a discussion on crowdfunding. Thanks.

That said, AWESOME stuff, Grant!

This is quite inspiring! Thanks for sharing @Grant Kemp

Congrats on the success! If you don't mind, what was your full time job prior to real estate investing?

Thanks guys!

Before real estate I was working an IT job. I definitely knew zero about real estate when I started but like I said it was just a ton of forum reading on here that paved the way

@Grant Kemp Congrats Grant. I am looking forward to our first BP meetup here in Orange County here in a few weeks so I can connect with a lot of these seasoned investor in my area.

@Grant Kemp that is an incredible story. I am also formerly IT I. The DFW area (laid off) and now have a Gwen opportunity to change careers. I've always had a RE passion but never acted upon it much. I've fallen I to a deal a couple of times but never a serious intentional investment.

I am about to go get my RE license so I have a "job" and aloe me access to tools and contacts to also focus on some investing.

What REI meets do you attend? I'd love to meet you one of these days.

Grant, well done. It shows that determination, tenacity, persistence and courage can take you a long way in life.

I too am looking for my first deal and this will certainly keep me motivated.

Much more success to you!!!

Thanks again everyone!

@Todd Cianciulli - you'll find me at various events around town. There's not one that I would say I'm a regular attendee of, but I do speak at the REI club meet ups here and there mainly on the Dodd-Frank laws and owner financing.

I'd be happy to meet omw day though even without the club meeting!

@Grant Kemp great post. What types of sellers are you targeting for your sub2 deals? Are you getting your deals from direct mail or other sources as well?

Congrats! Great inspiration!

@Andy Argonaut I get leads from all over the place. Direct mail, bandit signs, and from other investors that don't know how to properly do owner financed deals.

Either people in neighborhood I know I can sell or people who I think may be behind in payments

Interesting. So you're mailing to the foreclosure list? Or to the mortgage late list? And how are you identifying people in the neighborhood you know you can sell?

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