Pueblo Contractors- any recommendations?

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We've been having a really tough time finding contractors that either A) actually show up, B) have somewhat reasonable bids and C) when they show up have some level of quality in the work and complete the job as agreed upon. 

We've had multiple contractors either just go MIA in the middle of the project, or in the last case give incredibly high bids that are no where in line with the market (ie- charge $600 to install a toilet, or $7 a sq ft to install vinyl flooring, etc). We're starting to get to the point where we're looking at calling Denver or Colorado Springs contractors and paying for food and hotels for them to go down there and work. 

Does anyone have any advice or can recommend any contractors?

@Solomon Geigle

I use R-Buck for my HVAC work, they are amazing and reasonably priced. Flow Right Plumbing is usually reasonable on plumbing prices.

DO NOT WORK WITH Italo Rodrigues. I can’t remember what the company name is at the moment. Anything specific you’re looking at doing

Hi Robert, Thank you for those recommendations. Unfortunately I had Italo Rodrigues do some work with his team, and it's been a terrible experience. I wish I never started work with them. Actually some of the work I'm trying to get done is fixing some of his teams work. I think the worst thing is not only did they do bad work, lied about it, and exposed anyone near them to Covid, they also wasted a ton of materials in the process by painting over drywall and trim work that they never completed. 

So on that note, do you know any good recommendations for general drywall work, painting, and putting in vinyl plank flooring?

@Solomon Geigle

I use Superior Paint, he’s Amazing. Does little jobs or really Huge commercial jobs. Great guy name Chris

Can’t say enough good things about R Buck for HVAC he told me he didn’t want to turn down work on one of my properties, but felt it would do better with electrical heat.

DM me. I’m looking to buy more stuff

Jacob and Isaac Montoya, their company is Floworx, Jacob (7194064326),does HVAC plumbing division and Isaac (7192519154) and his crew do electrical. Orlando Vigil All Pro Maintenance, plumber 7193203732. Im currently not on any projects down their so please keep them busy till I get back! LOL