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Hi All! I'm new to the Houston area and looking for a reliable general contractor. For my first acquisition in the Houston area, I want to buy a small multifamily building (2-4plex), renovate it, live in one unit and rent out the other units. I'm interested in the Inner Loop area and would like to start in the next couple of months once I get financing and a property squared away. I've spent a lot of time on the Houston Area Realtors website and a good amount of time finding lenders as well. So the only thing I need to close the loop is a good General Contractor!

Can anyone recommend a good GC who can help an owner/investor in my situation? I've already received one recommendation through BP and I'm hoping for a couple more. Thanks guys! Mick

@Mick Misra welcome to Houston! I'll keep an eye out for the property you are looking for. Also, the only contractor I know focuses on commercial work. They usually have a week turn around time and most of their work is with fast food restaurants which keep them on a tight schedule. I'll ask if they still do residential or can refer a good one.

@David T. Please do keep an eye out for the type of property I'm looking for. I'd appreciate hearing what you find. Also, if the contractor you know does residential work or can refer someone, it would be great to know! Thanks for your help!

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@Mick Misra Let me know how the two I provided to you works out. I'm always looking for a good GC. It seems like as soon as a good one pops up, he gets too busy. I'm always looking for contractors to improve my call list.

Hello BP! I am looking as well! I am looking for GCs that can do SF and MF, can do a new building on raw land, full rehabs of beat down properties, and touch-ups, and require little supervision.

These are some characteristics of what I find is a good GC:

  1. Provides estimates of rehab works that come reasonably close to actuals (firm bids would be a plus).
  2. Is able and willing to do cosmetic work as well as studs-deep rehabs.
  3. Has a dependable crew(s) and is known to hit targeted completion dates.
  4. Is knowledgeable of Houston / Harris County permitting and inspection requirements.

Please PM me or email!

I just started flipping this year and had very bad experiences with the two GCs that I used. I don't have any good one to recommend at this point, but I'd make sure to avoid KL Construction and Bangitservices. The first, KL Construction will try and undercut the other bids you have and sell you on the fact that they won't nickel and dime you. Towards the end of the project, he did just that and would nickel and dime you, try to avoid work that was in the original scope, and stop really caring about the quality of work. Their project management won't check the quality of work for you so you'll have to be detailed enough to makes sure you catch everything. Unfortunately this was my first flip and I didn't catch a lot of things until inspection when it was sold. The second, Bangitservices, did a project that they claimed they can finish in 5-6 weeks. They ended up taking 5 month! Their project manager never communicates with you, ignores your emails and texts most of the time, and is never at the property to check the work. We had to point out several mistakes that were made, one of which they didn't address until we threatened to kick them off the project. I can go into detail if needed, but I'd basically avoid these guys at all cost. Pay a little more for quality contractors, make sure you get referrals, visit their existing projects, and negotiate a clause to complete within a certain timeframe if possible. I'd go with sub-contractors to if you're more seasoned and can manage it.

@Renee Stewart @Mick Misra @Huy N. @Cuong Le @Daniel Hoffmann

Hey everyone, has any of you had a good experience with reliable contractors in the past year or so? I am looking to rehab my first project, and I am in need for a contractor asap.

Any referrals would be appreciated, just make sure that you or somebody you know have used that GC in the past before referring them.


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