Really weird no show painting contractor

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I called up a local painting company - highly recommended in Angie's List, the call was on a Thursday, and set up and appointment for Saturday at 10am.

Saturday 10am, no show. I tried calling that number, voice message. Tried to leave a message, voice message box was full.

I went back to look up their company contact info, found an email address, and emailed them saying I had an appointment for an estimate at 10am, but no one showed up. I DIDN'T leave a phone number in my email, because I didn't want a call from them anymore just wanted to let them know this was unprofessional.

Well 4pm in the afternoon I got a phone call, asking "someone made an appointment with you and didn't show up? This is unacceptable and not how we do business. Let me investigate and get right back to you." I said OK...

So 10 minutes or so later, he called me back, this time, with 3 other people on the phone, a conference call, and the guy wanted me to identify who's voice it was who made the appointment with me. The guy was like "Dario, TALK! Let him hear you...was that him? No? Fernando, you talk...listen...was that him? No?..."

I couldn't tell, they all sounded similar, we are in South Florida and they all had a south American accent I can't tell. So I told him I couldn't tell.

I finally said it's OK, and I'll call them back if I need an estimate, and ended the call. I am not going to call someone who put their employees in a line up LMAO.

On top of that, the big question in my mind was, how did he get my phone number to call me if I complained by email and never included my phone number in the email (I double checked)? May be he saw an earlier missed call the one I wasn't able to leave a voice message? Or was he the one I made the appointment with?


@Sam Leon What company was that so I know not to give them a call. You can message it to me if you don't want to put them on blast in the forum.

this is actually pretty funny and i would use them. i like when bosses do that to their workers. it shows me that they care about the customer and maybe they were unaware that the person didn't show up.

but then again, i'd rather tell companies that i dont like about them hoping they'd change their approach.

funny story though!

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