looking for handyman in Oakland County, Michigan

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Metro Detroit REIs,

I am in need of a trustworthy handyman in Oakland county, Michigan. Specifically Walled Lake area. Does anyone have someone they recommend?



Hi Jon,

I don't know of one, but could use one occasionally in the same area. Let me know if you find one!


@Brad T. It has been tough. I have called many of the "A" rated handymen on Angie's List and only received one call back. That was from a national handyman chain. We will see how it goes but I doubt the pricing will be cheap. I am meeting with him Wednesday. If they are any good I will let you know.

Ask the basic questions like how much to install an exterior door. I bet he quotes above what Hd will charge.

That is a good idea. Maybe i will call him before we meet to check random prices against HD. Thanks @George P.

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