Remodel $$/sq. ft. estimate for Sonoma County - Northern CA

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We are converting part of our home into a "built-in" granny unit. I have seen estimates for remodel work for Northern CA for anywhere from $100-$350 per square foot. We are not expanding our home at all, just putting a kitchen into what used to be the garage, laying flooring, and separating the gas/electric.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what we should expect to pay a contractor to this work in Sonoma County?

@Bill Bockwoldt the cost will be highly dependent on the level of finishes, number of cabinets, etc. I'd plan on somewhere in the range of $10K and $30K. I know that's a big range, but there are just too many variables to narrow it down further.

The city of Petaluma might have a say in this too...if you do this with permits (if they'll even allow it) they might charge you some pretty big fees, so you might want to find out before you do anything. If you don't get permits, and the city later finds out, they can make you tear it out and/or legalize it and pay the fees plus penalties.

Once you clear that hurdle, get quotes from a few different'll quickly see if the numbers are out of line.

Thanks Brian!

Our permit fees turned out to be 1/2 of what we thought. However, the estimates we are getting for a 640 sq. ft. "built-in" granny unit are right at $200/sq. ft. which puts the project at $125k (this includes architect fees of $7500). I expected it to be much less and we are doing some things to cut down that number so I wrote the original post to see if this is the experience of others.

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