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I just wanted to throw out Home Advisors as another idea for finding contractors.  We have used them several times in the past to find contractors to do work at our house and will likely utilize them for rehab work when we find an investment property.

On their website ( ), you put in the zip code and the type of job, and they give you a list of several pre-screened contractors/companies to contact.  The screening process is described here:

lots of unnecessary filters and questions. i am looking for a carpenter but then it breaks it down to multiple carpenters. same with cabinets/counter, just cabinets, just counters... 

then the matching window just came up and just spun and spun.. finally came up and i had to put my personal info.. yeah, that's not happening.

Hi @George P. ,

I agree that it's silly to narrow it down that much.  There are not too many contractors who are that specialized, after all.  I do know that the reason they ask for your contact info is that they pass it on to the contractors, who then contact you.  The contractors pay Home Advisor per lead they are given, rather than just a flat fee to be listed on the website.

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