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  • South Bend, IN
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What's with Contractors that will not answer their phone or return calls?

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  • South Bend, IN
Posted Sep 11 2014, 06:12

So I am looking for a new general contractor and/or subs to make sure I have a back-up and a back-up to the back-up if need be for my projects that need rehab.

I vet the ones that seem like a good fit from as many resources as I can find before I give them a call. I even look up the ones that have a Corp or LLC at the Secretary of State to see if they are legit, in good standing and how long they have been in existence (amazing that some are not in good standing but still doing business as usual but that is neither here no there).

Next, I give them a call. Some are small operations, others are moderately big. Some have been in business for decades with second generation owners, some are newer with only a few years in the business.

Without fail, the vast majority of my calls (70% plus) go straight to a voice message/voice mail system. I go ahead and leave a clear detailed message with my phone number, twice, in most cases and request a call back. I explain in my message that I have current projects and that I am looking for somebody to build a long term relationship with as a contractor for my future acquisitions.

Without fail, NONE of the ones that I leave messages for return the call......for over two weeks.

From the beginning of my search, I started a spreadsheet and a log to track who I called, when I called and what the result was.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I called the first batch again (the 70% non responders that did not return my first call) over two weeks later with a new project that I need bids on. This time, only 40% of actually picked up their phone on my second try.....over two weeks later. Again the vast majority of my calls go straight to a voice message/voice mail system where I leave another detailed message with my phone number and request a call back. Again, without fail, NONE of the ones that I leave messages for return the call......for over 6 days and counting.

I also called some new ones the same day I called back the first batch and I am now tracking those but.......the trend is the same for the new ones as well.

Of course, this exercise helps me eliminate those that I would never work with. I will not keep trying to contact them. 

It made me wonder though, is this kind of response/ non response typical with Contractors (small, medium or large operations) in other areas or am I alone in my experience?

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