Bobcat work - yard leveling - Ballpark co$t?

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Anyone have a guestimate on getting a yard leveled?  I have a Bobcat guy coming by tomorrow to give me an estimate.

Per hour or per job?

Yard is pretty small and guy lives a couple blocks away.  I'm in Peoria IL.

@Kirk R.  It's hard for anyone not in your specific area to give you an estimate. Get a few different bids and go from there! Good luck. 

@Karen Margrave  thanks.

Yeah.  Asked nother guy for bid also.  Should be little easier to get bobcat guys b4 snow flies.

Might consider doing it yourself if the bid comes back to high. I rented one for 200$ and it was one of the funnest afternoons I've had in a long time. Kind of like playing with your tonka trucks in the sand box

It's local.  Here about $100 mob/delivery, $40-50/hour.

I have guys come take dirt away for about $400-$450/load (10 wheeler), or $20/yard.  They would then level the yard for you free of charge.  Haven't used them to just do the leveling.

A couple of years ago I had to just push the dirt around a little bit before digging for foundation, I rented one and it costs a couple of hundred dollars for a day or so, if I remember correctly.  It was quite fun doing it.  I would hire though, if the yard is big.

In short, I'm second for asking for multiple quote.  But if it's quite a small job, just ask for quotes right on the phone if you can, to help save them a trip to your jobsite.  Be up front with them. 

Good luck.

@Rusty Thompson  someone told me inexpensive place to rent one.  No pick up to trailer.  And some of it is little closer to house.  Although does sound fun.

@Wayne Brooks  thanks.  I will shoot for that rate.

@Nhi Nguyen  think i might have some extra dirt.  Have to remember to have quotes include getting rid of xtra.

Thanks everyone feel more comfortable negotiating.

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