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I have a repair cost forecasting question:
Is it possible for me (not a contractor) to have access to contractor prices for things like furnace, or electrical supplies?  I recently worked with a trade contractor to replace a furnace, and realized that they have access to prices and information that I didn't know existed.

Long story short, I got a furnace for about 1/3 the cost that I had expected.  I'd like to see if there are any other cost gaps in my maintenance plan.  This would make my efforts to force appreciation more accurate (at a minimum) if not more efficient.

My focus right now are things furnaces and biolers, water heaters, electrical boxes and wire/conduit.


@Jeremy Pace  There's no blanket answer to this. Most suppliers want to see a contractors license in order to give contractor pricing. However; if you purchase consistently from a supplier, they may give you a discount, just ask. 

Even we licensed contractors don't always get discounts. For some reason, I have yet to find a wholesale nursery that will give a general contractor wholesale prices, they insist on you being a licensed landscape contractor. (I can understand the thinking, as it protects the professional landscapers trade) 

I've found it helpful to develop relationships with the different trade specialties so you can get pricing information from them. If they know they are going to get ongoing work from you they are more apt to share that info.


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