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Looking for a good contractor that has experience doing low cost apartment renovations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn.  Please send recommendations my way.  Thanks!

Call Joe at Brown Renovations @ 201-893-2419.  He is my old man and does beautiful work for investors and real estate agents.  I know his website is under construction but he wouldn't have a problem sending you photos for proof of quality.  He is also licensed and insured.  

@Elliot Grochal  I don't come into the city but if your ever doing any projects in Northern, NJ give me a call.

From personal experience, ''low cost'' and ''NYC renovations'' can never be part of the same sentence. My 7'x7' kitchen cost me about $12.5K in materials and about $12.5K in labor and that was 10 years ago. I wish you all the luck in the world but labor in NYC is crazy expensive, not the mention the headaches of dealing with co-op board approvals (which hopefully you don't have). I hope you prove me wrong though, for your sake :-)

queens and BK are different animals than NYC

Materials in NYC are much higher priced, we did a small reno for a friend and went to a city lumber yard- it was actually a drive through, and we paid ove $8 per 2x4x8, which is closer to $3 in north NJ

Be prepared to pay a location premium the same way you would have when you bought the pace

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