Realtors and Contractors working together

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I am interested in marketing my construction company to realtors in the Florida area. How is a good way to get to them and trade business. I have customers who need realtors and they have customers who need home improvement. How do we merge that?

Why not start introducing yourself at local realtor offices. Network with realtors and see who you work well with. Make sure they're reputable and those are the ones you send your people to. As for getting more business, can't you make flyers and put them in mailboxes? A lot of realty offices have weekly meetings where local real estate people come and introduce themself and their services. Maybe you can arrange to be one of those people.

Good luck!


I'm new to this board and just found you post. I'd suggest getting in contact with the local Association of Realtors office. I'm not sure where you are in Florida. I know the northeast part of the state has the following website, there may be others. I'm from Massachusetts, but I know my local Realtor office holds meetings and continuing education classes. Usually, they allow local business to sponser the event. The sponser usually pays abut $100-200, and they get to hand out literature, and are given 15-20 minutes at the start of the event to talk about their services. You may want to give this a try. It's a good way to network.