Looking for Contractors, Landscapers, and roofing specialist.

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Good afternoon BP! I am looking to build 2 more teams in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas for investment properties. I have been blessed to run into some serious investors lately that are looking to buy up properties in both areas. With these new investors, I will need some additional help soon. I have a team that I am working with but will need additional help soon. If any of you have any referrals for contractors, landscapers, and roofing specialist, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Believe it or not, I have been using vendors referred by Home Depot. These vendors incentive is to remain in good standing with the big box store so it minimizes contractor horror stories by a huge margin. It's definitely a place to start.  

All the best!

hey Jalonni... I flip in LA and IE and work with 2 different general contractors that I really trust. PM me and I'll send you more info 

@Jalonni Diggs  i have a team on standby, I don't do roof nor landscape but i have subs to do those for me. We could work things out. Check my website on my profile for more info.

William Larsen

I am also looking for a landscaper in the LA area. Do you have any recommendations?



William Larsen What kind of landscaping do you need? I have a toolbox meeting today at 4pm and safety meeting on Monday at 7am. maybe I could help you out, and/or point you to the right direction.

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