Looking for contractors in Denver

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Howdy. I'm trying to fill the gaps in few sub-contractor areas for the Denver, Colorado area. If you have some contact info you'd be happy to share, please post here or feel free to send me a PM. I would really, reeeeeaaally appreciate it. :-) Where I'm lacking:

  • carpenter
  • painter
  • landscaper
  • "handyman"
  • sheet rock installation/repair
  • flooring (non-hardwood... so laminate and carpet) installation
  • concrete work
  • foundation repair

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Brian Kraft  . I would talk with @Bill Coleman  as he might be able to help you out on some of those.  He's provided contacts to me in the past.  I'm sure others will be posting soon on here as well to help you out.

Thanks, @Andrew Johnson  I have been chatting with Bill and he's definitely been a big help. I still have some gaps I'm trying to fill though.

@Brian Kraft  Ahhh, OK.  Again, I'm sure others will chime in here soon.  I'd give you the contacts if I had them but I'm a newbie to the fix and flip game and looking for contacts myself!  Good luck.

Sloan's carpet secret for carpet. Just have one of their guys install. 

Finish carpenter: Arturo Sanchez 720-628-5804

Hey, thanks @Matt M.  

After I posted this, I did happen to see your earlier recommendation for your carpet folks. Thank you! I noticed they spell it with an "e" in case anyone else is interested. So-- "Sloane's."

And thank you for Arturo's info!

@Brian Kraft  do you have work for them or do you just want someone for your list for when something comes up? For me contractors come and go like tenants. I like to keep them but live happens and they change move on grow fail etc. Nothing wrong with a good list but be prepared to have to fill it again when you need it. Sometimes they are busy and don't have time to take on a new project as well.

Thanks, @Bill S.   I have a few reasons for making these contacts. I have several rentals, so some of them will be nice to have a relationships with--as I've gone through many over the years, for the same reasons you describe. 

I'm also setting out to build my wholesaling business...and probable subsequent rehabbing arm. So, I'm having conversations with folks explaining that I'm looking to make contacts for those reasons and I'm also looking to better understand Denver's rehab costs with their help.    

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