Windows replacement in Denver metro area

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I need to replace all the windows in a rental house. The old metal windows are not energy efficient, in bad shape and need of replacement. Can anyone recommend a good company / contractor with reasonable prices around the South Denver area? 

I have checked out with HomeDepot and Lowe's and learnt about the bad reviews on their sub-contracted installation. Though Simonton CV500 from HomeDepot and Pella 250 Series/Milgard Styleline from Lowe's seem to fit my requirement, I am not so sure about giving the work to the big store. Does anyone have good experience with the local HD or Lowe's installer? Would you recommend me going with them or find other windows replacement company? 


Give Doug a call. He did a giant milguard slider for me along with some interior doors. He also works with a client of mine on his flips. He does windows and doors. IIRC he has an account with HD to get good pricing on windows. Tell him I sent you. Good luck!

Doug: 303-625-3730

@Sean Chen have you checked out Window World? I had them give me a price on a project and they were very reasonable but due to other circumstances, I did not use them. They are a franchise but I've heard good things about them from other out of state landlords. They supply their own windows so they may not work for your situation but you may want to give them a shot. 

Thanks all, will check them out.

@Bill S. @Matt M.

 I have decided to go with World Window. The price they quoted to me is very reasonable. They have been around (Denver franchise has been around for 15 years) and it seems that they have pretty good ratings by JD Power. Hope it is the right decision. I will have to see how they execute the contract - I did purchase their elite value warranty which gives owner a piece of mind if anything goes wrong with the window for life.


@Sean Chen thanks for the update. Keep us posted on their performance through the process.

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