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Hi BP,

We have closed on our first flip. We are really excited and jumping in with both feet.  I will be managing the day to day renovations. I have only been living in dallas for year and a half so I am still building my team and networking as much as possible. I am particularly needing help with referrals for a good concrete and masonry crew. Your suggestions would be much appreciated. 

Thank you

Michael Kaufman

How has your first year of flipping gone? How many houses have you done? We are finishing up our first rehab in the Elmwood area. Have you found a wholesaler to work with? Thanks. 

@Mara Hedgcock  

So far it has been good. We have done 3 houses so far and working on our 4th. We have 1 wholesaler we built relationship with but so far but all of our houses have come through realtors. 

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