Harrisburg, Hershey, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, PA

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I am a contractor that works out of the Harrisburg area, If you need help with any flips or work period I am you guy. You can call me, text me, Email me or even check out my face book page @ www.facebook.com/handymanservices6386

Hey Steven, Do you work in the City Limits of Harrisburg. I have a REO that I'm trying to acquire from the bank in the next month which needs electrical and plumbing throughout and than some standard repair and maint as well. I have people I currently work with but always like to try out new people. I like that you are an actual paid member and I like how you advertise on facebook. Plus your van looks professional. So all good things that set you apart from the not so good handymen. Keep up the good work and professionalism


As long as its in the nicer parts of the city I dont mind but for the most part I work outside of city limits. I started this company many years ago and its growing fast we do way more than your average Handyman. Give me a call or shoot me a text if you would like me to give you an estimate for any work.

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