3rd Party Inspectors in Austin, TX

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3rd party construction inspector in Austin, TX?

Hi Keith,

Try Nunnallee Inspections, (512) 415-5474.  My agents and I have been using them for about 7 years and they are excellent!

Good luck!

I just saw you need a "construction" inspector.  Not sure if Nunnallee performs those, but if not, I'm sure they know inspectors who do.

Thank you @Ronnie Brendahl

Call ATS. http://ats-engineers.com/

@Lynn Currie and @Bryan Hancock  How often are you calling these guys in on new construction? Just rough and finish? Before foundation pour? 

Thanks for the recommendations. 

On some projects with a lower quality builder we may do a pre-inspection, but we have a QA person on staff for our development company that generally can catch 80% or more of what the inspector will catch.

For pre-pour you really want the engineer to give you a letter; not an inspector.  

@Will R.

For foundation pre-pour you need a couple of different types of 3rd party inspections:

  • Engineers (likely the company that did your foundation design) for the pre-pour. They are confirming that the beams are the right depths and the structure of your foundation is to spec.
  • Survey company for layout. They will check that the foundation is where it is supposed to be on the lot and that the finished floor height is correct.

Once you're past your foundation, you have the following:

  • Structural engineers that did framing design (if applicable). Often times things are designed that need to be changed in the field. You'll want to get sign-off from the framing design team on this for both liability issues, and structural soundness. If the structure is built exactly to spec, you don't need this.
  • Engineers like those at ATS
    • Framing inspection, plumbing inspection, and mechanicals inspection (called "Framing + MEP Inspection) right before you call for the city's framing inspection. They are checking to make that all is built and things installed to code. Typically, they look at your framing and truss design, but they aren't there to ensure that your crews followed the design exactly. 
    • Wallboard inspection - before tape and float, a 3rd party wallboard inspection is required. They're mainly looking for 2 things - that the screws or nails are installed to code and that the correct material is used (i.e. Hardie Backer in the wet areas).

@Lynn Currie

Thanks for a quick reply. Looks like ATS has surveyors, inspectors and engineers. Have you used them for all those things? 

@Will R.

ATS doesn't have surveyors, I use my survey company for that. They do have inspectors and engineers.

Ha. It is in their logo on the top left. Maybe they mean they are willing to be middlemen for surveyors...

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