Contractors? Potential Deal in MA

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Hi All,

Hope someone out there can help me out.

I found a potential seller in Boston's North Shore, and I'm going to look at it this weekend.  It's a 3,000sqft 2 family house.  Based on what I can see, it absolutely needs a ton of work.  

The owner agreed to let me come take a look this Saturday, and I need a contractor that could come and help me price out some repairs before I make an offer.  

Does anyone out there have a good contractor in Northern Massachusetts that they can refer me to?  

Thanks for the help!


Hi Matt!

I know of a contractor but he works in Truro MA. Not sure if that will be too far for him to go but you can always try and give him a call.

Sean Cowing 


Business Name: Sean J Cowing Gen Carpentry 

Licensed General Contractor 

Hey Anthony,

Thanks for the contact... Unfortunately Truro is a little far away from where the house is.  I appreciate it though!


Hi Matthew,

Look up Mike Hurney ([email protected]). He runs a Real Estate Investor Group in the area and is a wealth of knowledge. Also Justin Silverio (The Boston Investor) is a prominent name North of Boston. Good luck! -Bob

@Matthew Gallo I have a crew to fix. Give me a call to speak more. We can handle from the studs to the finishes.

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