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Any local investors looking for a reliable contractor ?currently doing fix and flips and some commercial work however I'm really trying to get my hands into REI and developing.

I would suggest getting out an networking in person. I would never hire someone online. I need to feel a level of trust and comfort with a contractor.

I was driving and saw a home being built this weekend. The fence surrounding the site had been moved, fallen in another place, and supplies (masonry) were just left open for people to take or worse, kids to play on. 

Not getting the fence back up and properly in place says they dont' pay attention to detail and just care about finishing the job without safety precautions. Can't see that until I meet someone in person and get a vibe for who they are.

Get oout to all the local meetings. I went to just about 9 or maybe even 10 of them. Most were useless, run by people that don't invest, just want to sell you products or worse the people are just cons running it hopeful to steal your money or deals. 

I go to 2 or 3 a month. The ones i attend have helped me greatly and expanded my knowledge, network and well net worth! ha

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Hey @Angel Castro ,

Are you the GC or were you looking to work with one.  I wasn't clear on your request.

I would love to connect what areas do you currently do work in?

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