Cabinets in Charlotte, NC

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Anybody has a good/affordable cabinet company contact in Charlotte, NC? I'll willing to install them myself, if I can find a RTA/Knock Down dealer the will sell it assembled.

Hi @Paulus Anglada ,

If you are wanting RTA cabinets that the dealer will assemble for you, check out Surplus Warehouse. You can get some pretty nice all wood (no particle board) cabinets there; they usually have 3 or 4 styles in stock pre-assembled, and they also have 6-8 more choices that you can order that usually come RTA and they will assemble them for you if you wish, for a small fee. (can't remember how much, maybe $15-$20 each?) They have locations nearest you in Charlotte, Columbia SC, and Spartanburg SC.

Here is a link to their website -

Another choice is Lily Ann Cabinets. I've used them recently, and was very happy with the quality (also no particle board) and pricing of their cabinets. To my knowledge, however, they only offer online ordering, so you have to assemble them yourself AND have (or use) an address that a large box truck or tractor trailer can make deliveries to. 

Here is their website -

Hope this helps!

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