Looking for a Contractor and a Handy Man in the Ambridge and Beaver Falls, Pa.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm Looking for a Contractor and a Handy Man that works in the Ambridge and Beaver Falls, Pa., area.

Thank you,


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@Anwen Lake,

Thank you for the Information.

I'll check it out.


Hi Raymond, I'm looking at a few investments in ambridge. Do you know what direction the market is heading in ambridge or the ease of finding decent tenants? 


@Carl Seibel ,

A few years ago, I went to the Town Hall.

I talked with the people in the Housing Department. They informed me, that the Population of the City, is declining, and has been for many years.

Concerning tenants: The majority of the renters, are not high income earners.

Here are some sites that should help you:





Did you find a good handyman?


@Padrick C. ,

I'm still looking for a Contractor and a Handyman.

Can you recommend a Company that does repairs to a Gas Boiler?

Thank you,


@Raymond B. Gary at Work of Art HVAC (724)846-8122 is decent. He also owns rental properties, used to be a code enforcement officer and fireman. I find it best to text him at that number. He is out of town sometimes and can forget to get back to you.

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