Milwaukee Licensed Carpenter - Rebuild Porch?

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I have a duplex in Milwaukee that I am looking to have a porch rebuilt. No change in dimensions or location just rebuilt. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good carpenter that is Licensed by both the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin?

The job is about 100 - 125 sq ft. 


Pat, we are super busy right now and my guy is booked solid, but try either Menards or Home Depot first thing in the morning. I was desperately looking for a good and reasonable painter and found three that seem like a good fit at the local Sherwin Williams paint store. 

Make sure you pick a store in the rental area and not in Mequon (that's what I did at first and of course I got very high estimates). The contractors you want don't have very professional advertising, but they all have to come to the watering hole in the morning and pick up their materials for the day. First time I tried that old trick and worked really well.


I would be happy to give you an estimate on this project.  I am licensed with the city and state and could get started on this project within the next couple weeks if interested.

Feel free to message me the address and more details of the project. 

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