BP Newbie: San Diego contractor recomendations?

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Hi BP! I'm a newbie and am looking for a contractor recommendation in San Diego, CA. I'm looking at a possible SFH short sale and flip.

(In addition, I want to list my primary condo and buy a SFH. However, the San Diego market is somewhat bubbly it makes me nervous. Also, if you have any suggestions on the future of the San Diego market, any good BPers I should reach out to, shoot me a PM! thanks!)

Ha, I love El Cajon, Phillysteak subs at Ballentyne is just the bomb, we remodeled the whole Motel 6 there, 182 rooms in 7 weeks. Give my regards to Veronica the General Manager there, feel free to ask her about me and our company, they are in 550 Montrose Ct, at Magnolia Exit.

What size of a project do you think you are going to have? 10, 20, 30, 50, 100k? I could reach out to a few handymen out there if it's small.

I can recommend a couple, shoot me a message.

@Dan I.

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. BP is full of resources. You will find resources here from blogs to pod casts and forums. You can also send messages to members. This is one of my favorite features of Bigger Pockets especially for asking specific questions.

@Dan B. Welcome to BP. The market here in SD is really hot. SFH's are near the same price as homes in 2007 before the meltdown. Pricing could slow down if interest rates increase later this year in September but that's just speculation. You could pull equity out of your house to use for future investments to capitalize on the market. Best of luck!

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