Architect in Columbus Ohio

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a reference for an architect in Columbus? 

I am looking at the possibility of having a duplex rezoned as a triplex. I met with the city and discussed the process for the conversion. The first major step is determining if it will pass the building inspection if it is rezoned or how much it will cost to meet code.




The zoning department told me just to complete the application for the zoning and variances.

I then met with someone from residential building. They said if the lot is rezoned, it still has to pass building code to receive the certificate of occupancy. The current space I want to convert is considered attic space. They said I have to show that it can withstand the appropriate weight per square foot and has proper support. They recommended and architect.

Benjamin,  I think you'll need a structural engineer to sign off on that specific weight related issue.  An architect could help you the rest of the project: design, drawings, zoning information, consultant coordination (including working with a structural engineer), etc.  Depends on what you really need the professional to do at this time.  

@Benjamin Von Blon did you ever find a good architect in Columbus?

we have a single family 2 bedroom rental property, and are looking to convert a 3rd floor attic space into a 3rd bedroom.  we would need a staircase installed for proper access, and probably an egress window, and whatever else a bedroom would require.

@Steve Baldwin /@Corey Liepelt maybe you more experienced guys would know: do we want to consult with an architect, an engineer, someone from city zoning, a general contractor--or all of the above??

As long as you're just adding a third bedroom and not trying to create a separate rental unit, you don't need to worry about zoning. I'd start with a consultation with an architect and go from there. They may want an engineer to be involved as well - it depends on the existing structure and what it takes to add the staircase and egress. Once you have the plans, then you'll need to find a contractor. However, start with the architect and see if it's even worth doing. As I said above, I'd recommend calling Heidi Bolyard. She'll take good care of you.

I'm a registered architect. Though, I am not doing much 3rd party work, I'm happy to help if you ever have a quick question or want to bounce an idea off of someone. Feel free to PM me.