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Hello BP family:

I have a few projects around my house, and am looking for a Contractor who is trustworthy for these tasks.  Can you suggest anyone?  I live in the Columbia City region of Seattle, Washington.  

Here are the jobs:

  • Install kitchen (approximately 35 square feet total) and bathroom (approximately 4 square feet total) backsplash. Will require some minor adjusting of electrical outlets (pulling them out a bit) to accommodate backsplash tile.
  • Install a small (approximately 1x4ft long) piece of laminate countertop plus wood trim for edge in the bathroom.
  • Install trim for four windows. Two of them will require removing old trim first. Trim packages are already cut but will need to be measured and cut precisely for each window.

Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  


@Andrew Kniffin , @Adrian Chu and others who chime in: would you mind sharing your Seattle-Tacoma contractor references? I'm looking for someone who can help me start to figure out an estimate for a full gut, electrical, plumbing, roof, siding, and landscaping for 3,700 sqft. in Tacoma, and a 1,900 sqft. in Beacon Hill.

I don't have any experience with fix-flip, would desperately like to talk to a contractor as part of my education to help me determine if I've even found an opportunity.

I am also looking for a contractor in Seattle area for my current house and for future properties. Plz let me know if anyone has any references

Hello all, I'm a rehab contractor and investor in the Seattle area. I would love to discuss your projects and can offer a lot of education on rehabbing. Please feel free to call or text me @ (425) 516-8179

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