One month - $232 Electrical Bill

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We have a current remodel underway for a property we'd acquired on south side of Chicago (suburb). Long story short, received an electrical bill for $232 for month of July. (acquired in June, and bill was $40). Contractor is stating they hadn't left the AC on while not on site. Even if they had... this bill seems extremely high for a basic SFR remodel, especially during the "demo" stage of the project.

I've reached out to ComEd (local power company), and they are investigating if possible 'read error'. 

Anyone have any experience recouping portion of cost from contractors for this type of thing?

Check to make sure the neighbor isn't stealing power.

That's super high for a SFH in Chicago for summer. Unless your A/C was running a lot which the contractor says it was not.

Did the Comed bill say ACTUAL reading or ESTIMATED ?

Sometimes if they cannot read the meter they will give you an estimated bill which could be determined by the bill for same period last year.  and maybe the AC was running a lot last year.

Yeah some utility companies just estimate the bill and give the same rate every month

Ditto @Ronan M. .   I would check the bill and make sure whether it was an actual read or not as a first step.  If ComEd cannot get to the meter for some reason, they will estimate it.  My thinking is that without something concrete to show that it was an A/C unit or something else drawing that type of power, you wouldn't be able to get the cost back from the contractor.

I am a ac technician. I can say with out a doubt a ac set on anything below 75 in the middle of June will run a bill that high. Especially if they were doing demo so the doors were constantly open and closed. So yea it's plausible your contractor did it

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