Contractors; handyman; plumbers; carpenters in West Palm Beach

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Hi, as you are in this theme, I suppose Bigger Pockets will not banned this post.

How your experience with Contractors; handyman; plumbers; carpenters in West Palm Beach area ?

Thank you

I put an add on Craigslist in Boca and got 84 responses over the weekend... Still trying to filter them out. 

That is a good idea @Nick Britton .  I have a long list of "Do Not Use <name>" in my phone.  Pretty sad.  

The more organized ones will provide you a nicer proposal, but still take a long time and will be 30-50% more expensive.  Insurance is the main key, but that may even depend on what you're doing.  

Even though this is an old thread, hoping to get some feedback. We have been in the midst of handyman hell here in WPB. lol  I have gone from word of mouth to even contacting handymen who have ads on Craigslist. Their lack of timely response is pretty worrisome! And quality of work has been "interesting" on some occassions.

I may have to result to placing an ad on Craigslist myself. Does anyone have additional advice of what red flags I should be looking for?

Yes, avoid all ads on free websites such as that, or even other paid sites. Depending on what you need, there are a couple of tricks, if you want a headache free contractor, you need to pay for their workmanship.

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