How do I go about finding a handy man?

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I'm brand new to the real estate scene and am about to close on my first deal! So I may be a little late to asking this question...oops. I'm buying two side by side duplexes. I know a general contractor who will be helping me renovate the apartments, but he lives a ways away from me and wouldn't probably be the best for an on call sort of situation. What's the best way to find a contact for when things break in the apartments I'm buying?

@Melody Dodderer Congratulations on your first!  If you use a managment company, they will be able to provide repair people. If you are going to 'self-manage' then you'll just have to try different workers until you find one that you like. You'll probably find some bad ones but, in time you'll find what you're looking for. Referral is usually the best method: ask everyone you know if they know a good handyman. Perhaps your contractor can suggest someone. 

Good luck!