Average Cost of Demolition

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What is the average cost of a demolition crew? If we are flipping a 3 story, 1,500sq. ft. per story home and we plan to remove EVERYTHING, what would that cost?

This home used to be a tri-plex so there are several outside sets of stairs, and doors that need to be removed and boarded up, then repaired. Also, each floor has its own kitchen and bathroom. We want all the walls out on all 3 floors, we want all plumbing and wiring out, we want the chimney out, everything needs to be gone...

What would you expect to get paid for a job like that?

Thank you!

I doubt anyone will be able to accurately estimate this without seeing the actual structure; I certainly can't. But I would caution you against removing all the walls without giving serious consideration to the structural implications of doing so.  Have you had a structural engineer assess this plan?  Have you procured a demolition permit?  Please be careful!  

Recently we have been so busy that I actually started getting day labor to come help with demo.  Licensed, insured day labor from staffing agencies.  We have a local staffing agency that specialized in trade temps.  You call them up and say I need however many guys with whatever tools you think they will need, and they send them.  The great thing is that if you are doing demo, you are getting experienced demo guys, and paying a reasonable hourly rate for demo.  If you are doing electric, they will send you electricians, roofers, etc.  If they get hurt, they have workers comp.  So, if you think 4 guys can do the job in 5 days, and you pay $15/hour, thats $600 per man, $2400.  You do need to have a foreman there that has an idea of whats going on.  That will keep them on task and doing as you wish.

That's a good questions; we are developing a three story in 2 buildings into a night club, the demo crew are professionals, removing walls, floors, roof and removal of asbestos from the building.  Our contract with the contractor is under $500,000.  The contractor selected the demo company, I don't know what the charge was, but I am sure the contractor negotiated a good price.

A suggestion;  get bids from demo contractors, than see if you can hire your own people at an hourly rate to get the job done.


Originally posted by Charles Parrish:

A suggestion;  get bids from demo contractors, than see if you can hire your own people at an hourly rate to get the job done.

Just keep in mind the above is a "one and done" strategy.  All the trades talk to each other and if you are in it for the long haul, you don't want the reputation of wasting a business man's time just so you can use their price to shop.  And hopefully "your own guys" will also be licensed, bonded and insured like the demo contractor will be.

Good point. It is always good to be safe. And I Don't want to take advantage of contractors, but they  also know they don't get all jobs they bid on. 

If u are dealing with a small job, hiring ur own crew may reduce ur cost.