Mystery water intrusion

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Although not directly related to a RE deal, this could easily be a situation a house flipper could encounter. A relative of mine recently had me come over to get my opinion on water that was seeping in between floor and molding. The water intrusion only happens when it rains heavily, as it was on that day. It was a pretty bad puddle in the room. I went outside and there was no sign of water build-up. There is no gutter throughout the house, so water backing up in the gutter is not the problem. There is no water damage seen, as a result of a leaking roof. My only guess is that the water might be permeating the concrete block wall. Has anyone experienced such a problem? 

Well, if the concrete block wall is not sealed, then the water would come in that way. Also, is the dirt graded away from the house? That helps the water run away from the house.

@Orlando Paz , so what happened with this leak?  I'm having the same issue in a flip right now.  They tried redoing the mortar, but still leaking. We think it's going through some small cracks or holes in the brick.  Is there some sort of clear sealant we can use over all the brick, or do we have to just replace the brick?

This is of course the very last thing that we encountered...after the flooring was put in the living room, which got damaged by the leak.

Although an exact cause for the leak was never actually found, the wall that was suspected of having intrusion problems had any and every imaginable hairline crack patched up. In addition, it was also given two coats of Elastomeric paint. I haven't heard any more complaints about water issues. Whatever was done worked. 

@Frank Klarich , no basement in this house (they're fairly uncommon in TX).  No sump pump either.  If we spray water on the exterior, it leaks through on to the interior floor.  My contractor sealed up the windows pretty well and put extra mortar, but it seems to be going through the bricks.  House was built in 1971.  

@Geoffrey W.   It sounds like a sealant problem with the brick that's allowing seepage, or an outright leak into the house.  If I were located in Denton, I would call the folks at Frontier Waterproofing Co. to get their opinion on what may be going on.   These are not usually expensive repairs unless you have a foundation issue that is causing it.  Without knowing the trajectory of the water spray, etc., ( :-), I cannot give you a much better idea.