Minimizing Turnover With Contractors

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WORD OF MOUTH.  Talk, ask, beg for local references.  Search using "references for x y z".  When you find one you like, be sure to comment on Yelp, Craig's List.


As other noted, your best bet is getting references and introduce yourself to contractors. I   found a couple of good contractors by "luck" - My luck being keeping  a small notebook and write numbers i see on contractors' trucks when i am driving around. Then i start calling people.  

Another good source would be another investor or friend in the industry. 

Good Luck. Rod

Check with the store/sales manager at the local professional supply house/yard.

Check with the local remodelers/home builders association.

Check with the building inspectors - they may not be able to give you a recommendation, but a properly phrased question may elicit a reply (e.g., which electricians seem to pass their inspections the first time, most of the time?)

Ask a trim carpenter or a drywall hanger for a frame carpenter's recommendation; ask a painter for a drywaller recommendation; ask a frame contractor for foundation installer's recommendation... in short, ask the trade who follows for recommendations for the trade they followed.

Has anyone had experience with "Apartment Preparation or Turnover Services".  I found a few listed, although not in my area and was wondering if there was a different better term to search for.