Connecticut Contractors Where are you?

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I am working on closing my first buy and hold property and have found that getting a good contractor is close to impossible. I wanted to know what tips people have to finding a contractor. I have used Thumbtack, Angieslist, and at this point I am just about ready to get my own general contractor's license and hire people to do the work my self. 

@Michael Noto the job is too small, they would suggest hiring a handyman however when you have a 203k loan it has to be a general contractor. The job is a 20-30K job I don't see how that would be a small job. majority of the work is painting, windows, and electrical 

For a "buillder" that will be too small a job.  

You want to find a remodeling contractor - or a good carpenter who can connect you to other trades as needed.

You might try calling the supply houses in the area where you need the work done, and asking who they recommend.  The smaller, more personal suppliers will be able to give you more specific feedback than the big box stores.

Good luck! Finding the right help is 90% of the battle. 

I have a great builder/remodel contractor. He is out of Bristol, so I'm not sure if your area would work out. I guess it would probably depend on his schedule. Let me know if you would like his contact information. Good luck either way.

The cooperative I head up has a general contractor in the area specializing in rehab - please send me a message if you’re still looking.