Please recommend contractors in northern NJ near NYC

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Hi BP,

I'm thinking about purchasing a small multifamily home in northern NJ within an hour by train to NYC.  I'm considering doing a full rehab by hiring contractors if the numbers and other considerations make sense.  Can you please recommend any contractors in this area, GC or any trade?  I'm still planning my first deal and putting a team together.  That said, if you are familiar with this area or not, can you offer any advice on rehabbing and being a landlord here?



Hey @Christopher Pray , What town/s are you looking in? I'll point you in the right direction regarding who I use in the area. Are you looking in a certain town/county? I just analyzed several spots for a client who had a change of circumstance and has to hold off for a bit...I'd be happy to send them your way if they fit what you're shooting for.

Hey, @Tim Booz .  I haven't narrowed it down too much yet, but I'm looking in Hudson, Bergen, Union, and Essex counties, as well as the parts of Passaic, Morris, Somerset, and Middlesex counties that are closer to New York City.  Additionally, I'd like my purchase price plus rehab cost to be in the $200-300k ballpark, but absolutely no higher than $500k.  The property needs to be in a safe location and walkable to the train station.  You probably know this area better than I do.  If you have any suggestions or deals you want to toss my way, that would be a big help.

@Christopher Pray @Tim Booz Do you guys have any contractor recommendations in Bergen County? I need to do a full gut job on a 4/2.5 in Hillsdale. I could really use some BP help to point me in the direction of a great contractor. I'm not sure I want to use the guy I used on the last flip. Thanks in advance!

Hey Just saw this post. I can recommend Steve Smith, Signature Home Solutions as a GC for Most of Pasaic and Bergen County in Northern NJ. Pm for details!