Needed: Home Inspector in Bay Area - Oakland, CA

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Hi all, 

Looking for a good home inspector for a duplex in North Oakland.  Ideally the inspection will get done Friday or Saturday.  Does anyone have a good reference (or are you an inspector yourself)?  Thanks!


Hi @Brent Tarnow ,

I've used CBI for 2 different 4plexes in Oakland. They are very reasonable in price and were very quick to issue the report. Also, the inspector spent several hours with me going over all of his findings to ensure I knew exactly what needed to get fixed right away and what could wait until I had more reserves

BP is not letting me post their phone number number, but they are located in Livermore. I think I paid $825 for the 4unit report, so a duplex is probably much cheaper.

Thanks, guys.  I actually went with CBI who answered my request even though it was later in the evening, and is available to get in there this week.  I appreciate the help!