NEED: CA East Bay Area Roofer Foundation Specialist & Contractors

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Dear BP Family:

Please recommend CA East Bay Area Roofer Foundation Specialist & Contractors.

Thanks for your help!

Updated almost 3 years ago

Need a new roof for a SFH. Inspect and add support to foundation for a SFH. I have home inspection report for reference. Thanks

You might need to elaborate what you need done to get more traction.

Deon Jonutz, roof guy extraordinaire, is old school and barely knows how to use a computer. You would never see him on a place like BP.

While in the middle of doing his mortgage, I randomly had urgent need of a roof guy to make a home purchase work.

Hey, look at that, doing a mortgage for a roof guy (happens shockingly often) with good credit, solid financials, etc.... so that's probably a reflection of his business. Boom, done, hired.

Needed him to look at a roof and determine what was needed for him to issue a 2 year warranty. Inspection was $200, he was out there the Monday following my phone call to him Friday. The work needed was like $300, which he did right then same day with the stuff that was already in his truck. 

I believe that he is honest and am happy to refer him based on just this one relatively recent job because "need a roof warranty or the deal is off" is typically an opportunity for a roof guy (or contractor in general) to price-gauge. You can call $300 whatever you want, but for a 2 year roof warranty, on a rush, in the Bay Area, given our supply/demand for contractors situation, that is NOT price gauging. 

So, there's my plug. Deon Jonutz. Say Chris Mason sent you and why. 

Great. Thanks @Chris M. 

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