Mudjacking estimating cost

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Have a off-market lead for home near Grand Rapids, MI. Sounds like the seller has issues with a breezeway between house and garage. The Slab for the breezeway is in "bad shape"; however, they got a quote for $25,000. I'm trying to get a better understanding of what's involved with the $25K estimate, but that seems "Very high" for a 40 sq ft slab. (Assuming 4' x 10') (Though seller said, "400 Sq ft. Not sure how that can be, having view a general front elevation photo - not specific). 

Thoughts on general budgeting cost for mudjacking? Essentially, I'm trying to get rough estimate if "worth pursuing" as they owe a good amount on current loan, etc... 


You need to get your facts straight before you ask for advice, 40 sf is different from 400, also, different scopes on different difficulties yield different prices.

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@Paul Leason . Thanks... appreciate the constructive feedback. Working on scheduling time at subject property to verify. 

@Manolo D. Appreciate your response. I am aware of the need to clarify the 40 vs 400 sq ft. My initial question was simply about 'average' costing for mudjacking for budgeting purposes. If you can help, that'd be great. If not, no worries.