Need to find help repairing woodpecker holes in Eau Claire, WI

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There is a three story house with Cedar siding which has a dozen large woodpecker holes. Anybody know anyone in Eau Claire who can help fix them? Some of them are 25 feet off the ground or else I would just do it myself.

Good news and bad news..... Good news first, I know who can fix those...... bad news, it's nobody. 

Woodpeckers have amazing hearing, so amazing that they can hear termites and carpenter ants and other yummy bug morseles inside trees and other wood like siding. One or two holes is something we sometimes patch and hold off on, several means you need new siding, and asap. Remember, bugs inside also means moisture and rot, the more woodpecker areas the more moisture and rot areas, areas that can be damaging structural wood if left unchecked. 

The woodpecker is our kind of canary in the coal mine.

@Eric M.

Bondo or wood filler. First spray foam inside holes then apply 1-2 coats bondo over for a smooth finish. 

Boards might have to be replaced is damage is everywhere. 

I have done that and then seen holes show up the next day from new ones. It's kind of a luck game. Good luck

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