contractor needed for a flip in Indianapolis

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I need a contractor by Monday who can give me an estimate for repairs on a house I am looking to flip. I have a rough estimate on costs. 

Please contact me if you have experience in flips with out of state investors please.

Thank you 

Hi Carolina,

Bildwise coordinates and manages rehab projects for for investors utilizing only fully vetted contractors.  I can get you an estimate quickly which will be within 10% + or -

I just need your contact info, address of property and how I can access to property.  We work for investors that are local, out-of-state and foreign. We do not charge for the estimate

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Im sorry.  We don't currently have a Website.  We recently allowed our service with a Website provider to lapse due to service issues & have not secured new services yet.  Unfortunately, it takes time to view, but YouTube is our "Look at me" service at this point


Ok, I did check out your youtube videos. I will definitely contact you when my partner and I finish our current rehab and flip it to get another one. We are very disappointed with our current contractor.

@Cedric V. @Russell Doherty


I manage several contractors and rehab projects in the Indy area and Russel and Jimmy are to stand up guys that I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed with there work. They truly know the inside and outside of all homes and are honest guys which in this trade is not always the easiest thing to find. Good luck on your rehab.