Oven not working properly

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My tenants have complained that their oven seems to have stopped working properly. They said It turns on and produces some heat but not enough to actually cook anything. Also a couple of the burners won't light without holding a lighter to the gas.

Any one know what this could be and how to remedy? Or time for a new oven all together?


New gas range for about $800. Lowe's will deliver, but not  hook up a gas stove. They will take away ,the old one if it is already disconnected. If you have an option to use an electric stove, I would probably go that route. Usually there is both a gas line and an electric outlet behind the stove.

@Jen H. You can call a repairman to fix both. I do have insurance for those and all I do is call sears (where i bought it) and they'll have someone dispatched and have it fixed. Try calling sears and see if they can recommend their repairman.

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